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 Autosavers story Part 1 Vals Capture

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PostSubject: Autosavers story Part 1 Vals Capture   Sun May 25, 2008 1:41 pm

New series due to reasons.

The Autobots and Decepticons once ruled cybertron

The Decepticon seperated and fought for it,they lost and Autobots took control
1 Year later the decepticons made a secret attack,captured their leader AND cybertron.
Some Autobots escaped the attack,built a secret HQ.

Now from the Decepticons HQ
Red is chained to a wall.
Red:Where are my autobots?
Horridwing:Having a fun time being tortured. Twisted Evil
Horidwing:You'll find out what happens to them.
Horridwingwing leaves and Red tries to break the chains but can't.

Back to the Autobot HQ
Steelclaw the commander right now....
Steelclaw:Well,Red has been captured....Others killed,some no sign of....
Val:Well,what are we going to do?
Steelclaw points to the map saying where the con HQ is,Secret entrance...
Steelclaw:We'll enter here*Points*and find our way inside
Charge:Whos come
Steelclaw:4 people....Including me
Steel sees Autosaver,Charge,Val,Ironfire raiseing their hands
Steelclaw:Well,Charge,Val,Ironfire can go.
Autosaver looks away angry
Steelclaw and his crew goes.
AUtosaver:Now Im in Charge. Razz Very Happy
Solider1:Why do we have to listen to you?Your just a little shrimp.
Autosaver: Evil or Very Mad Well listen to me buddy,if you don't listen you can get out of here for all I care.
Solider1:*Whispers*That guy can't control a doll
Autosaver:Shut up!
Solider1:Yes young one. Laughing
Autosaver walks up to him,takes a gun and points to Solider1s head.
Autosaver:Still laughing now?
SOlider1:Are you really?
Autosaver:All we can do is wait...
Now to Steels part of view
Steelclaw:Well,guys jump in.
They all jump in,going like a slide
At the end they end up in a room.(Duh)
Steelclaw:Follow me
Steelclaw heads forward they go into a different room.
Steelclaw:This way
Steelclaw heads left and they follow until Val trips and makes noise.\
Everyone hides except Val on the floor some decepticons notice and come.
Val starts running until they shoot his back.
Charge:Steel,Im gonna help.
Steelclaw:No,we can't knock out the whole army
Ironfire:I hope they don't kill him.
Charge:Me too.
Now back to Val... Razz
Val jumps in the air and kills one of the guards,a general named Delacroix stabs him in the back and shocks him.
Dela kicks Val in the stomach and pushs him.
Dela: Twisted Evil
Val gets up and gets punched
Val raises his guns and shoots Dela,Valtries to run but wimps....Dela chokes Val and knees him.
Dela lets go and Val wimps more.
Val puts his hands over his body.Dela kicks again in the face.
Dela stomps on Vals hands,picks him up and twists it.
Dela;You need better skills!
Val kicks Dela in the balls and Dela whimpers Val runs.
Dela runs after Val
Val stops when he bumps into Kratos
Val turns around and sees Dela again
Dela winks and Kratos stabs Val with his shokcing sword.Val falls and Dela carries the bloddy body somewhere else.
Kratos:Ill look for the rest....
Now back to Steels point of view.
Steelclaw:Well......thats a bad ending.
Charge:Dude,we should've helped
Ironfire: Neutral
Steelclaw:Eh...Lets go... pale
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Autosavers story Part 1 Vals Capture
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