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PostSubject: AFTERMATH PART3   Sat May 24, 2008 9:42 pm

The three men pulled up in the parking lot of the convention center and put there motorbikes on the bike stand,people turned and looked at them as they entered the building. Ethans black polo shirt covered his two silver Colt 45's he had tucked behind his jeans,Kyle checked to make sure his gun wasn't visible and they all made their way inside. People in uniforms stod at the entrance with stickers that said "Hello my game name is.... And my real name is....",the men took the stickers and filled them out. The convention center had a food court and a computer section where the players could challenge eachother,it also had a stage where people went up and received awards for points.

Ethan: I'm gonna get something to eat.

Kyle: Okay but remember to keep a low profile.

Ethan: Yeah yeah i got it.

Ethan walked off and left the twins standing there,Dante saw alot of names he recognised. None of the people approached the twins though. Three men sat at a table in deep descussion and looked as if they were having a good time. Across the room a woman in her early twenties stod with three men,her name was Alexa but her game name was Foxy. The three around her were Aaron also known as Steelclaw,Sam whos game name was Fowlmaster,and then there was a man in his late thirties called John. Johns game name was Highlander1 and he was very experienced in the game. Kyle and Dante saw the group and walked towards them,Dante was wearing fingerless gloves like marines do. Kyles black shirt had silver spiralles that went around random parts of the shirt. Dante tapped Alexa on the shoulder and she turned around,she looked at his name sticker and smiled. Dante grinned and then the two hugged,Kyle shook hands with the other three men and then received a hug from Alexa.

Alexa: Oh my god i cant beleive you guys are here!

Kyle: Well we were in the city and we thought we would drop in to say hi.

Dante: It's great to finally meet you all.

John: Damn guys you do work out.

Kyle and Dante: Thanks.

Aaron: So what brings you guys to the U.S?

Dante: Business,we had to do some deal over here.

Sam: Did it go well.

Kyle: Yeah i suppose it did.

Ethan stod at the food court wondering what to order,he noticed more and more security guards were entering the convention center and he couldnt but help wonder why they were here. It was only a convention it wasn't like someone was going to go on a crime spree. Ethan turned his gaze to a television that was on the news channel,the reporter was talking about some outbreak of violence. People were going crazy and attacking other people,suddenly the reporter was tackled by someone and blood splattered onto the camera. Ethan stepped back and knocked into some guy carrying a tray of food,the tray hit the ground and the man went balistac and shoved Ethan. He was about to punch the man when he heard a loud scream and then a gunshot. Everything fell quiet then more screams came from the entrance,Ethan rushed away from the food court and looked for the others.

Dante,Kyle and the others all stod there looking to see what the hell was going on,a man with blood all over him ran towards them. Kyle walked forward and kicked him dead in the face,he hit the ground and the others looked at him. Kyle looked around and saw people grabbing eachother and biting one another.

Kyle: We gotta go now.

John: Fuck yeah lets get out of here now.

Dante took Alexas hand and ran with the others,they passed dozens of people attacking other people. One of the crazed people came out of nowhere and grabbed Sam and bit down on his neck. Dante pulled him off and took out his gun,the man ran at Dante so Dante pulled the trigger and a bullet slammed into its head. Sam coughed up blood then got up,he also ran at Dante and tried to bite him. Kyle took out his gun and shot Sam in the head,Aaron yelled at Kyle and then they all started running as more of the infected people ran at them.

Ethan stopped as four people ran at him,he pulled out his guns and shot each one in the head. He looked around for Kyle and Dante but couldnt see them anywhere. Another one ran at him and he shot it in the head without even looking. Ethan looked for the exit and saw Kyle and Dante go through it.

Ethan: Fuck!

Kyle led the others out of the convention center and into the parking lot,John pointed to his SUV and they all ran for it. Dante turned round as he heard gunshots from behind them,Ethan was shooting some of the infected and was now slowly walking towards the SUV. Dante aimed his gun at a blood covered infected man running for a little boy,he fired and the man dropped dead. He ran for the boy and picked him up,Ethan was shooting at more people behind Dante. Dante got in the truck and Ethan followed,Kyle was in the drivers seat and was taking them all to the hotel.

John: Where the hell are you taking us.

Kyle: Somewhere safe.
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PostSubject: Re: AFTERMATH PART3   Sun May 25, 2008 11:38 am

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PostSubject: Re: AFTERMATH PART3   Sun May 25, 2008 1:21 pm

yay i didn't die!!
autosaver better!! Twisted Evil lolllolollolololololol
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PostSubject: Re: AFTERMATH PART3   Sun May 25, 2008 1:41 pm

STEELCLAW 6847 wrote:
yay i didn't die!!
autosaver better!! Twisted Evil lolllolollolololololol

OMG,why do you always want me dead.-_-
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PostSubject: Re: AFTERMATH PART3   

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